Every year we take about 50 youth from grades 7-12 to Youth Camp. During this time we get the chance to minister to students outside of the city limits. It provides a unique opportunity for the Holy Spirit to work in a students life and start to break down the many walls that have been put up because of life in the neighborhoods.


Prayer is vital to our work. We ask that you would join us in praying for this camp. The greatest struggles we will face will be spiritual in nature, your prayers will propel us forward as we continue the ministry at Citychurch.

Send a kid to camp.

Getting away from the city helps a kid break out of the daily grind and habitual fog that life can so often be. This year as we take 50 youth to camp, we are asking if you would consider partnering with us to Send A Kid To Camp. The cost of each camper is $350, but no matter how big or small the amount, your gifts ensure each of our youth has the most rewarding experience possible.