We are committed to the principle that God has a great purpose for every child
regardless of their geographical location, financial status, religious affiliation, race or
culture. We are committed to transforming the disadvantaged neighborhoods of our city
by making a long term commitment to the children and showing them a pathway to a
life of success. 

The goals and related measurable objectives of Citychurch Outreach Ministries. 

1. We are committed to first meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of
children in order to change their lives for the better. 
Provide a weekly schedule of Bible instruction in aged graded classes for the
children in our program. 
Provide nutritious meals at no cost to each child on holidays, each day of the
summer except Saturday, and each time we meet for a planned activity. 
Meet the need of food assistance for the family where needed. 
Provide or secure clothing, shoes, and school supplies when needed. 

2. We are committed to finding those children who are most in need and teaching
them through family counseling, mentoring, education, and example that
God’s purpose will lead them to their highest potential. 
We will go to the worst places first. 
Provide a weekly schedule of activities in the neighborhoods served. 
Provide transportation to activities at no cost. 

3. We are committed to build young people of integrity by teaching the virtues of
honesty, diligence, compassion, faithfulness, creativity, initiative, loyalty, 
respect for others and the privilege of hard work and it’s reward. 
Provide practical instruction concerning personal relationships. 
Promote a lifestyle of abstinence regarding sexual activity prior to marriage. 
Promote practical dating and courting activity. 
Provide job skills training, and encourage education in the field of interest and
ability of each child. 

4.We are committed to educating others concerning the needs, developing
resources, and recruiting volunteers to do the work in the disadvantaged
areas of our city.