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205 S. Polk Amarillo, TX 79101 / 806-371-0089 / Toll Free: 866-569-2489 / info@citychurchamarillo.com
Sunday Worship Service At 8:45 a.m. vans pick children up for breakfast. Children's and youth Bible study at 9:15 a.m. The main worship service starts at 10:30am. Groceries are given away to families in attendance and sent home with children who attend. For more information call: (806)371-0089 or E-mail: info@citychurchamarillo.com
Wednesday Youth Meeting Youth are picked up from their homes at 4 p.m. and brought to the church for a cafe style meal, music, games and Bible study. For more information check out the Citychurch youth ministry page.
Spring Break Citykid Cafe is in operation throughout the week, along with neighborhood outreach and hosting spring missionaries, the Citychurch youth will go on an out of town mission trip. Click here to watch a video about the Citychurch Youth spring break mission trip. For more information call: (806)371-0089 or E-mail: info@citychurchamarillo.com
Summer Ministry Fill A Bag Feed A Child At The Citykid Cafe we prepare and deliver to the neighborhoods over 2300 lunches a day Monday through Thursday. Over half of the lunches are delivered on bicycle, by teams that ride together, through the neighborhood. Volunteers and Citychurch staff prepare each lunch. The lunches consist of a hot item, fruit, cookies, and popcorn. Click here for more information.
Summer Ministry Bible Day Camp in the Park Each week one of the eight routes we minister to are picked up for Day Camp in our park. We provide lunch, recreation, music, crafts and the gospel message. For more information call: (806)371-0089 or email us at: info@citychurchamarillo.com
Summer Ministry Jesus Loves You Celebration A citywide crusade with preaching and music, food and fun. Click here to watch a video about The Jesus Loves You Celebration.
Summer Ministry Back to School Citychurch will be shopping with children and youth that are involved in our summer ministry to meet their back to school needs. For more information call: (806)371-0089 or E-mail: info@citychurchamarillo.com
Thanksgiving Food boxes are prepared and given away the Sunday before Thanksgiving, A party is held the week before Thanksgiving. The park and buildings are decorated for the children. For more information call: (806)371-0089 or email us at: info@citychurchamarillo.com
Christmas Lunches and groceries delivered during school holidays. Christmas boxes for each child and youth at Citychurch are prepared and delivered. Volunteer and donor gifts prepared. For more information call: (806)371-0089 or email us at: info@citychurchamarillo.com
Summer Ministry Hosting summer mission groups Each year Citychurch hosts over 700 missionaries and volunteers who come here to learn about ministry to the inner-city. All summer long we will be hosting mission groups. You can help or if you have a group that would like to experience the ministry at Citychurch email us at: info@citychurchamarillo.com
Year round ministry Citychurch is involved in ministry all year round. Though our approach will change throughout the different seasons, we are teaching The Gospel and feeding all year. Check below for your ministry opportunity. Stay connected to the day to day ministry at Citychurch by going to our Facebook™ page or by checking out our blog.
Wednesday/ Thursday After School Ministry During the fall, Winter and Spring semesters Citychurch is working with area churches and schools to set up after school ministries. Currently we offer four different after school ministries. Citychurch organizes food, transportation, volunteers, and teachers to facilitate this effort. If you would like to help please contact Judy at (806)371-0089 or email us at info@citychurchamarillo.com
Bicycle Missions Citychurch has found that one of the best ways to get into the neighborhood and minister is on a bicycle. Whether we are delivering a lunch or sharing the Gospel, Citychurch starts on the street level. During the summer we have 5 lunch routes that deliver on bicycles. Over 1250 lunches a day are delivered by these routes. When we aren't delivering lunches, the bikes have proven to be an effective way to share the gospel and support outdoor events in the neighborhoods. For more information or if you have a bike to donate email us at: info@citychurchamarillo.com