1. We don’t vote on the Great Commission. 

We have the permission of our Lord to carry out the ministry to make, mark, mold, and mend disciples.

2. If you do the work, you get to be the leader. 

Our job is to facilitate the ministry of those God sends to work with us. Decision-making concerning different aspects of the work is given into the hands of the workers. 

3. We go to the worst first. 

We do not shy away from the most disadvantaged or dangerous areas of our city. In fact we go there
first, knowing there are children in those situations who are often out of reach from hearing the gospel. 

4. The mission is bigger than the ministry. 

Our mission to inner-city children and their families holds priority over our personal desires and preferences, Ministry to one individual, regardless of how sincere, is not to stop the mission. 

5. We go where faith is to be found. 

We are called to be faithful witnesses and it is up to God to add to the church those who will be saved. Just as a farmer would not sew seed in a rocky bar-ditch or on hard bedrocks, we go where faith is to found. We believe that there is a great harvest to be gatherd at this time among children. That is the reason we spend our greater resources and time sewing in this fertile ground. 

6. Every child has a right to hear about Jesus. 

We will not allow the financial condition, geographical location, race, culture, or age, of a child to
deter us from reaching each child for Jesus. 

7. We do what we do and we don’t do what we don’t do. 

We are not just another agency where people may apply and receive assistance. We meet needs when
we spot them and use our resources almost entirely on children. We minister to the helpless. 

8. Help with no hope is no help at all. 

We manage resources to best meet the immediate needs of children and their families. However, our
priority and mission is to win people to Jesus Christ. Without the hope of a new life, any assistance we could give would only be temporary solace. 

9. Often evangelism is not pretty. 

The work of evangelism is not always convenient or easy. It may lead you to toil and sweat. It might
lead you under a van to change a starter on a snowy day, or into a park during 100 degree heat, but if it were easy, everybody would be doing it. 

10. People in need of rescue are seldom in flattering positions. 

We have to love people where they are in order to get them where they need to be, often this will challenge every aspect of hygiene and decency. 

11. We would prefer doing the right thing, rather than just doing things the right way. 

We are organized around doing the work rather than just talking or studying the work. We are often criticized for not attending all the forums, seminars, and study group discussions concerning homelessness, and poverty, but the work of ministry continues. 

12. It will all wash off. Or we can find something to kill it.