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If you would like to serve alongside Citychurch as we do our best to meet the spiritual needs in our neighborhoods, would you please take a minute to let us know who you are?  We would love to do all that we can to help you "live the mission".


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This past week, we launched our newest innovation, an online digital counseling card that gives our volunteers and staff a quick and easy tool for recording any spiritual need or decision that has been made.  This card also allows Citychurch with the information we will need to follow-up with the child or adult who is making this decision; all in real-time.

Using it is as simple as clicking on the link provided at the bottom of our homepage and recording a few pieces of information.

The first box that you can click simply says "I'm a first-time guest".  This indicates that the person you are counseling has no prior experience with Citychurch.  If you're in the neighborhood when you are using this tool, this choice would indicate that you are counseling someone who has never received a visit from a Citychurch volunteer or staff person.

The next choice is "today's date".  This is a pull-down menu that will allow you to record the date you have counseled this individual.  This is important because it allows us to filter all the information we receive in greater detail.  For instance, if we are visiting in the neighborhoods on a certain day, we could filter all responses on that particular date.  

Next, there is an opportunity to record the personal contact information of the person you are counseling.  This is self-explanatory.  Please do your best to find out as much of this contact info as you can.  Often, children will need a little help.  However, this is the information that allows us to pick the child up, re-visit the home or provide any kind of support.  Without these details, it is as if this decision never took place, from the perspective of offering continued support.  In other words, we can't help those children we cannot find.

The checkboxes that are provided below the contact information read as follows:

I have Questions about my salvation.

-- This would indicate that this person has questions that have kept them from making a new decision for Christ, or doubts about a past "salvation" experience.  Often, people have been confused by bad information or unfamiliar religious jargon.  Sometimes this person would simply need a little validation from a friend or perhaps they may need a greater explanation.  The key here is that they are not quite ready to receive God's gift of forgiveness for one reason or the other, but they have a desire for clarity.

I feel I'm ready to be saved.

-- This person feels that they clearly desire to accept God's gift of forgiveness.  This could also indicate that you, as their counselor, have prayed with them and helped them begin their new life in Christ.

I have questions about baptism 

-- This would be a good choice if someone has a question about our specific method of baptism or perhaps they are unsure about their past experience with baptism.  In this situation, we would follow-up with a clear explanation, from Scripture, about what baptism is and how they can participate.

I feel I'm ready for baptism

-- This individual would be someone who has confidence that they personally know Christ s their savior and wish to follow the example of Jesus' baptism.  The next step for this individual would be to schedule their baptism and notify their family.

I would like a visit from a pastor.

-- This is pretty self-explanatory.  However, please make sure that the person you are counseling understands that a pastor will contact them at the earliest possible convenience.  Often times, our international friends will assume that you will be able to set appointments at that particular time, so you may need to clarify that this will simply let us know they need a visit.

I wish to make Citychurch my church home.

-- This would be someone who is born-ain spiritually, has been baptized by immersion and wished to be healthy, functioning member of a local body of believers. 

Along with a free Bible, we have a book entitled "I am a church member" for anyone who is interesting in becoming a member of Citychurch.